Sazeh Pey Riz
Engineering and Construction Co.
Perform all construction activities, consulting, design, project management, implementation of activities in the field of construction of buildings and roads, settlements and mass housing, buying, selling, importing and exporting construction materials and machinery And participation in the activities of the legal entity or individual with the relevant units or companies to create and import any construction industry with new technology Any particular partnership may have a direct or indirect connection with the above.


The company has a staff of about 40 people who have higher education and more than 30 of them have a long operational history, the ability to construction projects, Sazeh the marine, greenv projects are Mhrra housing construction tunnel. Also, through a partnership with Alborz Consulting Engineers, Building Designers, ability to execute projects from the design phase of the investment is zero.




Structural and Civil Engineering firm seeks fine (Pvt.) on Dec 7, 2007 under No. 315079 Registered office in Tehran indefinitely record companies.


Bord of directors

J. Daliri
f. Akbari
Vice Chairman
A. Javid
Member of Board
A. Golestaneh Nejad
Directing manager


Organization Chart



  • ISO 14001:2004
  • ISO 18001:2007
  • ISO 9001:2008